One thing you need to know is that not all great ideas are so great; some are just old and forgotten ideas. This is mainly why you are required to always do some serious research before taking yours to the patenting board.

In a nutshell, a patent can be defined as a monopoly granted by the government that forbids other people and businesses from using, making or selling your invention. Anyone who does is liable to legal action which might even include some jail time. However, not all business ideas are patentable and its best to know which at an early stage. If you are not accustomed to how the process goes, you can always hire a patent agent or a Fort Worth Intellectual Property Lawyer to assist you. If you have a great idea that you think might be revolutionary, the smart choice would be to patent it for protection. The following points offered by patent attorneys will help know if your idea is worthy of a patent or not:


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  • Is the Idea Novel?
    The first thing that you need to ask yourself is how new is your idea? This means that your idea should not have been released to the public for use. If by any chance your idea has been used before or even seen in an anterior patent application, you could end up not getting the patent. To be safe, it’s important that you do some thorough research of patents that were filed before in that particular field. Hiring an Intellectual Property Lawyer or a patent agent to do the search for you would be a great idea. These professionals are accustomed to the job and thus are capable of running thorough searches. Doing it yourself might be cheaper, but there are chances that your search might not be deep enough.
  • Non-Obvious Ideas
    Before the patenting body grants you monopoly on any idea, they need to ensure that it’s not something that just anyone in your line of work can come up with it. To determine whether you idea is worthy of a patent, you should look at the existing knowledge and technology in your field. If anyone with basic skills in that field can come up with the idea, your chances of a getting a patent are pretty slim. Since it’s a requirement for Intellectual Property lawyers to have some technical knowledge, you can ask your attorney what they think of the invention first. If you find your idea to be above par in terms of being non-obvious, move to the next step.
  • Usefulness and Application
    The main reason behind great ideas and inventions is to improve the quality of doing business and making life easier. For an idea to be patented, it has to be useful, applicable and capable of being mass produced. No Patents Body in any country or state will allow a great idea to be patented if it has no way of being produced for the masses. With such an idea, your Intellectual Property Lawyer would advise you to make most of it before it becomes public knowledge.

Though hiring an Intellectual Property lawyer isn’t always that cheap and necessary, it’s important if you are sure that your idea is a great one. You can always file for a provisional patent as you work to see if the idea is worth a full non-provisional patent