Getting yourself diagnosed with a condition of incontinence can be frankly alarming especially for the first time. This is probably because you cannot remember a time in your life where you had complete control over your bladder and colon functions. But of course there was such a time but you would have been an infant and unable to generate vivid memories so early on. Now that you’re reliving it, it can feel gross and unnerving for you.

Fortunately technology has not been ignorant to the problem. There are plenty of underwear and other solutions for you to consider in managing your incontinence and continue with life almost as if it did not exist in the first place. In this article we will explore some of the underwear you might find suitable to contain a condition of incontinence.


Image Source – Pexels

1. Determine if you have a problem and the severity of it

Chances are, your case is of incontinence is not the central problem with your biological system, it is just a symptom to let you know in no uncertain terms that something else has gone awry. Before you go shopping for underwear, consult your doctor and get a diagnosis. Not only will this help you treat the underlying medical problem but it will be of useful reference for deciding what kind of underwear you should be looking at.

2. Rally your sources

Going to the shops these days is less of a leisurely activity and more of a precision based examination. In fact, these days, even going to the shops could be unnecessary. You had might as well do some research online and order your choice of underwear to be delivered right at your doorstep.

3. Evaluate precisely what you need from the product

The first thing to consider of course is your gender. Once you are past that, depending on the severity of your condition of incontinence and your specific physical anatomy, you will find yourself having to choose from a variety of different incontinence pads to contain the leakage. While finding one that works is one thing, keeping it in one place is quite another. You can wear a body stocking – not the sexy kind unfortunately – over the pad to make things more stable. Make sure to obtain it is designed for medical purposes and produced by a quality manufacturer like Sanicare.

4. Think about your daily routine

Do whatever you can to make sure your incontinence does not interfere any more than it needs to with your daily life. Go for incontinence underwear that is the closest thing to regular underwear so you can go wherever, do whatever, and be with whoever without feeling paranoid or breaking a nervous sweat. There is a broad range of incontinence underwear that is compliant with the activities of normal living without making their presence felt too often.

Consider these important factors correctly and choosing the right underwear to manage your incontinence condition should be no problem at all.