Say you want to design a great Magento or Drupal website. These CMS platforms are known to be great for e-commerce purposes, but they are also highly technical. Building an e-commerce website is not like dragging and dropping a component on a CMS like Wix. It requires a certain degree of complicated coding, especially if you want a unique, custom designed website. At one point or another, your small business will need to hire a professional web developer.

There’s a choice here; your company can hire a freelancer for relatively cheap, or contract a web development agency. Freelancers are usually the appealing option because of the cost. However, the best option is to go with a web development agency. Here are the reasons why:

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Freelancers Can Code, but Cannot Design

Freelance web developers are mainly coders, not web designers. Some people tend to confuse web designers with developers. Web developers handle the technical coding required on various CMS platforms. Web designers make sure that the site looks beautiful as well. For example, if you want to build a scroll bar, you can hire a coder. But if you want to make sure that the scrollbar is user-friendly, you need a web designer. Most freelance web developers can only build the scrollbar. On the other hand, web developer agencies usually offer a holistic approach to site design. Not only do they code, the agency will make sure the end product is appealing to your target audience as well.

It Can be More Expensive to Pay by the Hour

Web development projects cannot be completed in a day or two. Most freelancers charge by the hour, so you could end up paying more for a long-term project. It’s much more sensible to hire a web development agency that offers a strategic plan for the project. For example, if you want to design a Magento e-commerce website, hire a Magento 2 developers agency that will provide you with a plan including deadlines. It may seem that the agency is more expensive to hire, but in the long-term, paying by the hour is just too much.

Agencies have Teams of Coders, Designers, and SEO Experts

Web developer agencies not only code but also have designers and some marketing specialists on the team as well. That means that your website will be well coded, look highly user-friendly, and will be optimized for search engines, mobile platforms, and so on. In a nutshell, it’s the whole package. It’s not financially sensible to separately pay for development, design, and optimization. Therefore, it’s just better to choose an agency that offers all three in one package.

Freelancers Don’t Offer Support

Freelancers may be cheap, but they certainly do not offer continued support. If you want tech support for the final product, then an agency is the only way to go. Sometimes only the original coder knows what went wrong with a line of code. Therefore, continued support is important for the custom built website. It’s never certain with freelancers, so it’s best to enter into a contract with an agency.

Additionally, delivery is guaranteed by a legitimate web development agency. Freelancers are not contract bound, so they can bounce off a project anytime leaving things unfinished. You won’t have to worry about such unprofessionalism with a web development agency.