Shoes are an important part of your everyday look that you take for granted. I mean how important can a pair of shoes be, right?  That’s what most of us think.

However, research in psychology has shown that shoes are way more important than we assume. Shoes are a stronger indicator of the personality and character of the person wearing them. Never thought your shoes could say anything important?It’s time to think again.


Well Maintained Shoes Imply That You Are a Responsible and Dependable Guy

Whether you are going to an official meeting or a first date, take care what you adorn your feet with. A good quality well-maintained pair of shoes would put you across as a guy who is responsible and dependable.

The fact that you make a conscious effort to look good, even with regard to what is on your feet will give the idea that you do care.

Don’t have the kind of shoe that will get this task done, get on a mission to buy at least one pair of oxford shoes to make sure that you show people who you really are.

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Laid Back, Goal Oriented or Proactive – Your Shoes Will Have a Story to Tell

A lot of things we do tell tales of our personalities. From the way we talk, our body language, or choice of clothing, the colours we associate ourselves with are all indications of what sort of person we are. Studies have shown that people’s choice of footwear reflects at least a fraction of their personality.  Those who always go for sporty shoes are said to be highly goal-oriented while those who prefer flats have a laid back personality.

Decide what you want to be seen as and be a little aware the next time you pick out your shoes.


What Shabby Shoes Can Tell About Your Personality

People wear worn out and shabby shoes for two reasons.

They either have a strong emotional connection to it or simply can’t be bothered to go get a new pair.

If the latter is your reason, it’s time to think again about a little bit of self-maintenance. Take some time off your busy schedule and buy yourself a new pair of shoes or even two (considering how you don’t enjoy doing it very often). It’ll be worth it.

If you were holding on to an old pair of shoes because a loved one gifted it or because it has been with you through significant times of your life, replacing it would be somewhat difficult.

However, understand the importance of looking your best self to get the best outcomes in life and make the needed switch to a better-looking pair.

Shoes are more powerful than you’d imagine in speaking volumes about your personality. Make the right choice the next time you decide to purchase a pair of shoes. Go for brands that denote good quality and durability while also being fashionable and classy.