Going through your pregnancy is a tremendous experience that you should plan out properly. Here are some pointers on what to do.

WhatShould You during the First Seven Days

Start with putting yourself on a multivitamin. Give yourself the necessary boost of nutrients and get yourself ready to help a baby grow inside of your body. Vitamins that are prenatal are specially designed to boost your body with whatever you need when you are expecting. Make sure you try out several brands at the early stages of your pregnancy itself.

Remember to add folic acid into your vitamin supplements. Folic acid guarantees to avoid the appearance of any defects in the neural tube of the foetus. The recommended dosage of folic acid is between four hundred to eight hundred micrograms in a day. If you are buying multivitamins over the counter, you will find folic acid already included in them. Make sure you double check for them on the label.

Get Your Closet Ready for the Pregnancy

When you will actually need the maternity clothes will depend on the nature of your physique. You will find yourself trying hard to fit into your normal clothes. Before this happens, you need to have your very own stock of maternity clothes.

As an expecting mother, you will notice your breasts getting larger. You will notice the changes in your breasts during the very early stages of pregnancy itself. However, you will see that your breast is developing throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy. Invest in maternity bras if you find yourself getting uncomfortable in your usual bras. They will come in handy when you are nursing one day.

Consume Enough Healthy Food

Make sure that you eat right, especially if you are not planning to gain unnecessary weight during the pregnancy. Do make sure that the only weight you are carrying is the weight of the baby. Opt out for natural foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. Savour the types of whole foods instead of all kinds of food that are processed. If your budget can hold it, you should opt for the organic foods into your meals that will drastically cut down the number of toxic ingredients that you consume during the pregnancy.

don’t Miss Out On Exercise

All those feelings of congestion in your legs, hips and even the lower abdominal areas can be soothed by regular exercise. Many choose yoga since it is a great way to improve circulation just like the other exercise methods. Exercise will ease any discomfort, supply enough blood to the foetus and even help you with gaining extra weight.

Try out Pilates, yoga, swimming and even a simple dose of squats. Always listen to what your body has to say. If it feels like that you are overdoing it, make sure to tone it down and get some rest. This applies a lot when it comes to newbies who have not worked out before.

get yourself a Physical Check Up

Remember to plan an appointment with your physician and get yourself a physical check-up. Make sure you know what conditions you are undergoing before the foetus becomes bigger: high blood pressure, high blood sugar and even cholesterol.