Any kind of damage to your windscreen, whether it’s minor or major, can be extremely stressful and devastating. From bigger car accidents through to small cracks, professional assistance is often necessary for reasons of safety and preventing further damage. When you fail to have your windscreen properly seen to, you run the risk of damaging the glass even further, which can lead to complete windscreen replacement in Melbourne being necessary.

The good news is that there are many situations and cases where a simple repair is a feasible solution. However, it’s also necessary to know when it’s time to replace your windscreen in order to continue driving safely. This means never ignoring damage to the windscreen, as this can put yourself and others on the road at risk. You may not realise it, but the likes of bumpy roads and harsh weather conditions can turn tiny cracks into bigger problems that can be dangerous when driving.

Whether you’ve had a recent accident or you’ve just spotted a chip in your windscreen, here’s how to self-diagnose the issue before calling windscreen replacement Melbourne professionals.

When You Should Repair

There are many windscreen replacement Melbourne providers that offer customers quick, simple and effective repairs for windscreens. It’s recommended that you get your windscreen seen to as soon as possible, regardless of how small you think the issue might be. However, in general, many windscreen problems can be repaired.

Small chips and cracks that occur as a result of something falling on the windscreen can often be repaired rather than needing windscreen replacement in Melbourne. The types of chips that can be repaired include a bull’s eye or partial bull’s eye, a half moon, a ding, a pit and a star break. If the chip on your windscreen is around 2cm in diameter, it should be able to be easily and effectively repaired. In terms of cracks, if the crack on your windscreen is 4cm or smaller, it can usually also be repaired.

When You Should Replace

There are times when the damage to your windscreen may be too great to repair, necessitating windscreen replacement in Melbourne. Replacing dangerous and broken windscreens is imperative for a variety of reasons – the main being safety. It’s, therefore, necessary to quickly address a damaged windscreen so that you don’t become a hazard on the road.

Many different kinds of events can lead to the damage and destruction of windscreens, including accidents and hail storms. If the damage to your windscreen is compromising your view, is located inside of the windscreen, is close to the edge of the window, or is an extremely deep crack, the windscreen will likely be too unsafe to drive with and won’t be able to be repaired. Damage like this will deem your car unroadworthy and unsafe for both you and other drivers on the road.

It’s especially vital that you contact windscreen replacement Melbourne professionals if your windscreen has lost its structural integrity, is at risk of shattering or falling off completely, or impacts important sensors such as windscreen wipers.