The idea of celebrating the life of a loved one who is no longer among us has become an increasingly popular trend. More than a trend it has become a support system for those who are grieving. It breaks free of the sombre ceremonies that have long since been associated with a memorial and gives everyone the chance to bid farewell on a rather positive note, most often in the way that the dearly departed would have wanted. Remembering them for the right reasons and cherishing the memories that you made with them is one of the best ways of dealing with grief. Here are some ideas that may give you inspiration and a little bit of closure at such a trying time.

A Send-Off in Spice

If the loved one who has gone, is somebody who just loved to cook and bring the whole family, friend and community together with their crazy good recipes, what better way to say goodbye to them than celebrating their passion for food and cuisine with everyone to whom they mattered? Plan something that has food, drinks and their favourite music at its core. You could lay out several large tables and chairs in your backyard, under the open skies and use checked picnic cloth to imbibe a sense of warmth. You can then serve their best ever dishes to your guests in the exact same recipe that they would have followed should they be alive. You can even give away their special sauce in little jars as a token of thanks to everyone who was there. If you are able to contact some good funeral directors Melbourne or wherever you are located, organizing something like this should not be too much of a challenge.

Because They Were So Good At Shaking A Leg

How about spending the night dancing away to some of the favourite tunes of your loved one? You may feel that this is inappropriate and disrespectful given that they have passed away. But sometimes, rather than keeping things solemn and trying to overcome tears, it is good to have fun and cry out openly to get closure. You know that in your heart, your loved one would never want anybody to grieve so much over the fact that they are no longer here. If they are somebody who loved to dance, organize a celebration of life where their favourite tunes to shake a leg to are the focus.

Riding Off Into the Sunset

If the person who is no longer here is somebody who loved to ride and loved the open road, there is no better way to give them a fitting goodbye than to ride off with their pack into the sunset. The celebration of life could be woven around their passion for motorcycles and riding or the spirit of freedom and the open road. The biker group will definitely be a part of this memorial and all of you can get together to give the beloved one, a final ride off into the sunset. You will be saying goodbye to them, but keeping their spirit and memory alive.