Induction Cooking

The induction cooktop is an advanced kind of stove that works more efficiently. What is specific about it is the way it’s heated. Neither flame nor electric element is used to heat the cooking vessel. Instead, the heat is generated in the pan itself. The science behind induction cooking is electromagnetism and yes, it works better than any other stove you’ve used in cooking so far.

The way how it works

The way induction cookers works are quite different from the way how other stoves work. Conduction is the mode of transferring heat to the cooking vessel in electric or gas stoves. But, in the induction cooktop, the heat is generated by a magnetic field induced by a copper wire coil which is just beneath the ceramic surface of the cooker. The cooking ware must be made of ferromagnetic material, cast-iron or certain stainless-steel materials. The oscillating magnetic field generated in the magnetic material causes a circular movement of electrons. That generates the heat in the cooking pot. So, it gets heated faster than any other cooker.


There are many advantages of using such a device for cooking. Most of all its exceptional speed heating makes cooking faster and more efficient. Cooking with this is 40% faster than that of a conventional stove. And it saves energy at large. (But, in gas stoves, a lot of energy is wasted.)And the heat distribution is perfect on this stove. The speed of the heating process is high due to its efficient energy consumption.

Safety at home

These cooktops are safe to use even in homes where there are young children. The surface of the stove is not heated. So, even if a kid touches it when cooking, there will be no harm.  That’s great when considering the kids’ safety. And it’s safe even for adults. There are occasions when their hands touch the cooktop by mistake. But, since it’s as cool as ever, nothing destructive happens.

An easy to clean cookware

Also, there are easy to clean. Since it remains cool all the time, it does not get corrupted easily. And it’s easier to clean the stains off the stove. Also, it has almost no edges or cavities. An easy- to- clean flat surface is there. Just one simple wiping will cause the stains to go. And the cooking surface made of black ceramic glass is not easily scratched. So, these stoves are more durable than others.

Why some people hesitate to buy them

All these benefits prove this special item to be a ‘worthy-to-buy’ kind of cooking equipment. In fact, everybody craves to buy such a sophisticated device. But, there are some obstacles that stop them from purchasing it. Relatively high price is one of them. People go in for cheaper items and they miss the opportunity of buying such a remarkable cooking ware that make you comfortable in cooking. But, the price is nothing when compared to the immense benefits of it. Induction cooktops need specific magnetic cookware made of ferromagnetic, stainless steel or cast-iron materials. Or at least the bottom of the cooking vessel should be made of magnetic material. That’s another drawback buyers hesitate to purchase induction cookers.

Anyway, those are not an issue for the growth of popularity of induction cookers. Nowadays house owners like to upgrade their kitchens to suit the modern world. Therefore, they tend to buy such modern cookers that go with their active lifestyles.