Bar stools

High stools and breakfast nooks as they are called are fast becoming an integral part of kitchen décor and furnishing accessories. Even in some modern day big-scale businesses they do not look at conventional seating but prefer to transcend the norms and go for the unconventional types of seating like high stools and chairs. A good example would be Google and Facebook who use these unconventional types of seats in their offices to better align with their very different business models. Homes could use these different types of seating to discover more opportunities to make their furnishing more appealing and unique. So how could we use a high stool in a unique way?

Side Tables

These tables are essentially high stools conveniently positioned in places like the entrance of your house so you could easily keep your knick-knacks like keys, cards and other essentials. Not only would they provide the optimum height to keep such items but they would stand out in your eye and therefore serve as an automatic reminder to collect or leave your items when you enter or leave the house. They would also serve as a unique item collector in your house and be a cause for attention even when a visitor comes to your home.

Plant Stand

Plants are a common accessory in many households, however, they demand space and it is quite often hard to decide where to place them. A well-placed bar stool can very well be the solution to your problems. Place them near a window with plenty of sunlight available and of course, keep it fairly isolated from kids so there won’t be any unnecessary accidents. If you thought this was innovative, wait, there is more to come.

Bathroom Rack for Toiletries

It is extremely annoying to walk here and there inside your bathroom to find your toiletries while having a shower, which is why having them in one place close to your shower will make life much easier for you. Well, Bar stools would serve as the ideal place to sit in your bathroom while getting ready for work and you can also keep your toiletries close at hand when needed. Even in businesses such as hotels could use these stools in their bathrooms to bring in something different to their bathrooms while disregarding the need for standard towel racks etc. Adjustable pistons could also be added to these stools to give you the option of adjusting the height to the required level to make sure you get the best out of your mirror.

Backrest or Not?

Backrests are of course ideal in terms of comfort but some may argue that having a backrest does not have the same classy effect so it all depends on the tastes and preferences of the buyer. Backrest gives you stability and comfort while a modern-day high stool with no backrest will give you that nice laidback lounge effect which most restaurants and hotels look at when serving their customers.