alcohol treatment facilities

Alcoholism, next to drug abuse, is the most common of all addictions worldwide. Dependence on alcohol to an extent that you cannot live a day without it cannot be categorized as casual drinking anymore. Whether a person is alcoholic is sometimes problematic to decipher and most of the time, they do not know that they are alcoholics until it is too late and withdrawal is already a very difficult thing to accomplish.

Alcoholism or extreme addiction to alcohol is not a good thing. It does not only result in possible family problems, it can even put your health at risk. Worst, it can cost you your life. In order to prevent all these from happening, you must be able to recognize alcoholism before it gets any worse. Here are some of the top signs that you are an alcoholic:

You Always Hold a Glass of Alcohol Wherever You Are

At every occasion, there are alcoholic drinks offered. Therefore, it can be normal sometimes that you get to drink a glass or two. However, when you find yourself looking for it everywhere you go―even at a children’s party―then that should be something to be alarmed about. If it seems like you cannot celebrate without alcohol, then you might want to review your lifestyle and your alcohol consumption as well.

Worrying About Having No Alcohol Left In Your Refrigerator

If you tend to get worried about running out of alcohol instead of running out of other more important grocery items in your refrigerator, then you might possibly have alcoholism. This would only mean that alcohol is more important for you and you simply can’t stand not having a bottle around for you to drink anytime you want. If you strongly feel this way, try to observe your behavior and evaluate carefully if you already are addicted to drinking alcohol. It might just be the time to search for alcohol treatment facilities near you and enroll yourself in one.

You Find It Annoying When You Are In the Company of a Slow Drinker

When watching someone drink slowly gives you a very unpleasant feeling that you want to tell them in the face real bad to drink a little bit faster, then it is time to tell yourself to quit it and cut back on your alcohol intake. This is a subtle sign telling you that you are now an alcoholic because you keep being annoyed with others drinking really slow thinking if it were you, you would have drunk it faster in order to drink more as if you are running out of drinks to have.

You Find It Surprising When Someone Corks an Unfinished Bottle

When you encounter someone who puts a lid to an unfinished bottle of alcohol and your immediate reaction is shock and bewilderment as to how someone can possibly do such a thing, then it is definitely a sign that you are an alcoholic now. You simply cannot let go of a bottle that still has alcohol in it. Every drop counts for you and this is what’s alarming. If you feel this way, better evaluate yourself and consider getting help for your alcoholism.

Self-discipline is important when it comes to rehabilitating yourself from any type of addiction. No matter how supportive everyone around you is, without your desire to win over your alcoholism, every single measure taken will be futile. Give yourself a shot at a better life and eradicate excessive alcohol drinking before it kills you.